Find your Next Diesel-Powered BMW at BMW of Shrewsbury

Purchasing a diesel car isn't exactly the norm, but diesel has done a lot to clean up its reputation, and diesel engines are no longer loud and dirty like many drivers in the past remember them to be. In the end, a diesel engine also adds more value to your car. It's also ideal for Worcester and Southborough drivers who have a long commute or do a lot of driving for work. You won't have to fill up your car's gas tank as often and diesel engines are known for their enhanced fuel efficiency. Northborough and Southborough drivers will also appreciate the amount of money they'll save at the pump.

BMW carries a handful of diesel engine options. The X5 xDrive435d SUV is one of our most popular diesel vehicles. BMW also offers the 328d and 328d xDrive sedans along with the 328d xDrive Sports wagon.

Why Consider a Diesel BMW?
  • New engine technology and the transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel means cars on the road today with a diesel engine run quieter and are less dirty than their older counterparts. Modern diesel engines won't spew black smoke all over the pavement either.
  • Have you ever wondered why trucks run on diesel engines? It's because diesel fuel gives the vehicle more torque and ultimately more towing power.
  • Besides having to fill up at the pump less frequently than gasoline powered cars, diesel vehicles also hold more value. This is because there are fewer diesel cars on the market and they have a much higher fuel efficiency rating than gasoline vehicles.
BMW Diesel Cars

The third generation BMW X5 xDrive435d is one of the most sought after diesel choices available.

The X5 boasts a 3-liter, dual overhead cam (DOHC), Inline 6-cylinder, 24-valve BMW Advanced Diesel engine. It can get up to 255 horses, has electronic throttle control, an 8-speed transmission and Driving Dynamics Control with ECO MODE. Inside there are 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats for extra space, Black SensaTec upholstery and Poplar wood trim.




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